Better Image Comparison

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Better Image Comparison

Post by brahman »

Hi Igor,

thank you for adding image comparison to CompareIt!.

This could be very useful if you could enhance it a little bit more:

It would be great to be able to zoom in and out with shortcuts at least for 100% and fit image to window. Also the %age zoom should be shown in the status bar.

XNview has a nice image compare feature under Tools > Compare in browser mode, if you would like to check out how it could be done.


Kind Regards,


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Post by grigsoft »

Thank you, I didn't know about this feature in XnVew. I will add zooming and more actual "comparison" to image comparison in future.

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Post by ciizooxii »

Another software called image comparer can scan selected folders or drives and find duplicate images, or images that are very similar. The program can find all similar images even if they are in different formats.

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