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Ro Ablate
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Ignore Difference

Post by Ro Ablate »

Not sure if this is a BUG, or a FEATURE request...

I have been using your product regularly for years, and have praised its features to many colleagues.
However, this week it has let me down...

I have a pair of large files (2.5MiBytes) with a bunch of differences at the top and bottom of the files, and just a few in the middle (area of interest).
And I have some related files where one of the files has been redacted down to just the middle portion where the few differences reside (area of interest).
For both combinations of files, I tried to select several times in various ways to use the Merge/Ignore_Diff commands to block these areas I am not interested in seeing.
But all I can ever reliably get toggled is a single line or a single block.
I'd like to be able to select many many lines and/or blocks and toggle them at once.
Then I can refresh to compare the area of interest in the middle...

Please let me know if this is a bug, or a feature request, and how likely am I to see a fix?

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Re: Ignore Difference

Post by grigsoft »

To see what the problem is, I would need to check it with your files.
What exactly the problem is - wring comparison, or do you just want to skip differences at the beginning of files?
If former, maybe manual matching would help?


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