regexp selected context lines for changes only reports

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regexp selected context lines for changes only reports

Post by Hirsch »

Thank You for very good and useful software. I use it to compare Intersystems Cache projects exported in xml. Export stucture is some herarhic tree of project items. I ask report to show differences only with 5 context lines, and sometimes this context is not enaugh to say exactly in which project item given difference is, cos context doesnt include item header tag.

It would be nice to define RegExp(s) to assign maching line to one or more context variable(s), what are shown before each difference in report. Example: i define RegExp
"^<Routine name=" and select "Show as header 1" and
"^<Method name=" and select "Show as header 2".
and then, if difference encaountered, report shows also latest header variables-lines:
<Routine name="aaa" ....>
<Method name="bbb" ....>

Think this would be quite universall and usable "context extension" for difference reports, also must'nt be too hard to implement.

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Post by grigsoft »

Thank you for suggestion! In fact I was planning to add similar feature for main UI, but I guess using it in reports would be nice too.

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