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Command Line needs Error

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:06 pm
by Agrarian
I want to use CompareIt! to generate comparison reports using the command line from scripts. One thing I have noticed, when using the /P and /G options, there is no way to see if there was an error.

For example, run from the command line: "wincmp3 text1.txt text2.txt /G:IS report.htm" when there are no text1.txt and text2.txt. The command prompt returns without showing the error that the files didn't exist.

There needs to be a way to either return errors to the command line, or perhaps better, write them to a log. I can see useful error trapping to include files not existing, permission denied to read file, path not existing for writing reports, no write permission for report location, etc.

Reed Technology

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:11 am
by grigsoft
Idea with report is nice, I will add one. I will also add error return codes for batch use.