Filter in place while comparing

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Filter in place while comparing

Post by that_dude »


Thanks for this wonderful tool!

Sometimes when doing a diff of 2 files I find it useful to filter the content before doing the comparison.

E.g. Lets say there are 2 files with lots of instances of the word _output drops_

CompareIT does a great job of showing me what the differences are but it would be easier if I could:

Open both files
Filter all the text (except text that matches a regular expression _output drops_ .. or maybe even a combination of regular expressions like "_Interface Ethernet*||_output drops_"
Show me filtered content in both files.

This would save so much scrolling time!

This is easy to do in linux using grep, but not in windows so having the windows based tool to do this within the compareit will be excellent in my opinion.

Thanks for reading this far :)


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Re: Filter in place while comparing

Post by grigsoft »

You can't filter in place, actually, but you can say to CompareIt to ignore all lines with _output drops_, or only compare these lines and ignore all others during comparison. Maybe this would help in your task.
Check Options>Comparison>RegExps

In fact it's not the first time I see this request, and it's not a problem to allow actual text replace during file-preprocessing, but I don't think it's a good idea.

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