Regular expressions

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Regular expressions

Post by Gingko »


In Compare It!, there is an interesting feature which allows to use regular expressions in comparing files.
But unfortunately, this feature is not replicated in Synchronize It!

I think it would be a good thing to do so.
And more generally, to make Compare It! and Synchronize It! to use the same comparing engine, thus with exactly the same features.

This feature is very practical when I have a Version Control System which tags its files with revision number and or date, and one don't want to see this taken in account in comparisons.

Otherwise, I can get files which seems different on Synchronize It!, but that Compare It! will show as identical, which is somewhat weird.

After that, you could even define some optional profile in Synchronize It!, which could be stated as "Use Compare It! compare options", allowing to simply reuse the existing Compare It! settings for that matter.

I saw that this kind of suggestion have already been made in this forum, here and there.
I just want to add my own way to tell it.


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Re: Regular expressions

Post by grigsoft »

Yes, SynchronizeIt using CompareIt as internal file compare tool is a obvious idea and still not implemented somehow. I will try to do it. Thank you for reminding.

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