Sychronize exclusions

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Sychronize exclusions

Post by asjbkjones »

Can you tell me if there is a way to exclude files that are identical (based on the content) from a scan? Currently, I have many files taht are identical, but the dates are different, so SI is reporting the files as different, and so I need to examine them all, and CI states that the files are identical. Just curious is all.

Andy Jones

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Post by grigsoft »

If your files are actually same (with same size), you can use 'Compare files of same size' + 'Ignore same files' options combination. Note, however, that unlike SI, CI can compare files smarter, ignoring differences like blanks etc. As result SI will find files different, while CI will state 'files are same'. Version 3 will have an ability to use CI internally for such comparison (although it will slow things down).

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