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Mouse control

Post by JimRob »

On refocus of CI from another window, mouse movement will horizontal scroll the edit panes for me. Is there a way to turn this off so that I only use the scrollbar?


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Post by grigsoft »

Hmm, can you explain this a bit? Just simple mouse movement will change scroll position?


Post by Guest »

Running Win2K with a dual screen display. I am switching back and forth between Borland’s Delphi IDE and Compare It! Basically, I've hit a "go back and move forward more carefully" situation.

1) Make some changes in Delphi to one of the compared files.
2) Click on CI form file display panel.
3) Changed file will flash because of time change and dialog appears
4) Press Enter to acknowledge dialog ("Yes" to reload).
5a) With the mouse, touch the left or right edge of the file display. No click or any mouse-down; just move the mouse to the edge.
6a) The file display will scroll.

5b) Touch the top or bottom of the file display panel.
6b) The file display will scroll with the newly appearing lines selected.

The behavior appears to be somewhat reasonable as it can be interpreted that I wish to scroll because I’ve touched the border of the display. But I would like to be able to suppress this action. More often than not, I’m moving over to the vertical scroll tab to move to some other miscompares and suddenly the file view is scrolling.


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