Sync it 3.5: Restoring files from backup?

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Sync it 3.5: Restoring files from backup?

Post by kathana »

Hi Guys,

I have the following problem:
iTunes messed up my complete music collection with its "Sound Check" Option, so I want to overwrite every file with its backup. How do I do that???
I've tried doing a "backup" where I specify the backup as the source and my HD as the target, but since the messed up files have the newer time stamp, SynchronizeIt! is not having it. All the other options like synchronizing or updating do not work either. Any ideas, or is there an option that I am not seeing?


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Re: Sync it 3.5: Restoring files from backup?

Post by brahman »

The duplicate options is for that. All files regardless of size/date will get overwritten with the source files, extra files will be deleted.

Look in the help file where Igor has nicely described the different backup options.

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