What happens to bundle installs?

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What happens to bundle installs?

Post by Gingko »


I would like to know what happens to bundle installs since several versions updates?
Many recent Compare It! versions (for example 4.2) seems to be available only as standalone and not as bundles.

This is not the same thing as standalone versions do not use the same directory name for installing as bundles one, resulting in some installation inconsistencies if I mix bundle and standalone installs (including having duplicate Compare It! entries in the Control Panel uninstall dialog).

Also, I am wondering if it is still meaningful to have Unicode and not Unicode installs: using Unicode seems to cover all the needs (except maybe in very old versions of Windows, if anybody is still using them), so why not compiling all releases as Unicode and stop announcing it in the download page ?

Thus I suggest unifying all installs in such a way that all versions would installs into the same ("Compare Files" or "GrigSoft" or anything else) directory, and making sure that any mix of bundles of standalone will install gracefully (you could even provide only bundles, with application selector inside the install, and telling users that they will be able to use only the ones for which they have license keys).

…and providing these installs only as (not so called) Unicode ones and stop advertise for two versions.

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Re: What happens to bundle installs?

Post by grigsoft »

Sorry for delay! Yes, you are right, I forgot to upload bundled versions.
As for unicode, I'm planning to do as you suggest - CompareIt setups already include both versions, choosing one by Windows version. The same will be with bundles.

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