Batch reporting in comparit or sync it?

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Batch reporting in comparit or sync it?

Post by david.katz »

I'm in the situation where I'm modifying reference code for use within an embedded environment. So everytime a new version of the reference code comes out I have to merge the reference changes into my code base, along with possibly having to make some significant changes.
Our CM is now requireing a document detailing the changes from the reference design.

Wondering if anybody has used compare it/ sync it to automatically generate html diff reports for each source file within two directories.

I'd love to just type in the two directories and let it fly.

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Post by grigsoft »

Sorry for delay with answer, I must have missed this topic.
The feature you are asking is implemented in Compare It!. Check help topic here: ... olders.htm, in short, you should run Compare It! specifying 2 folders and report folder in command line.

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