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License Information

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Would you please explain how your software is licensed? Is it licensed by person or machine? Where can the license information be viewed?

It would be handy if your software could be put onto a cd-rom and ran from there. If a technician type person needed to compare or sync (depending on the software package) they could run the software without installing it. Will the software even work like this? Does it write information to the registry or store settings in .ini files (or both).

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Hmm, I was sure we have covered this in help. I will check it out, and also place a topic online. Licensing is per concurrent user - so if you have one computer, and many users are working on it in turn, you need just 1 license. If you install it on server, and 10 users can use it in network, you need 10 licenses.
As for running from CD-ROM, you can use Compare It!, if add also wincmp3.reg file - this will force it to use registry instead of ini file. In next update it will also suppress message about read-only ini file, when run from CD. Synchronize It! will try to write ini file, but will not make any messages, so it can be used safely.

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