Several Refinements for Beta

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Several Refinements for Beta

Post by brahman »


I have the following ideas to even more improve your fine program:

Temporary selection of files affected when you go into right click recursive menu on folder name, so that one has better overview exactly which files are affected.

Better reporting in status bar (how much deleted MB), copied right, copied left, identical, free right, free left)

Not easy to see long directory names in directory lines since they become truncated. Solution: Have option to show only last directory in full path, full directory on top window bar. I do not like to have only "\" shown when directory is selected. Will make readability much easier and help with better clarity of display screen.

Ability to mark several files in synch it and then to change behaviour of SI for these files on the fly to rescan only these files with content method

Ability to mark several files and add them to a permanent session exclude list in preview.

Please make it possible to exclude certain files in specific subfolders, f.e. .\Private\paradox.cfg.

Option to go into Preview right away, when invoked from TC with passed directories.

Option to go to top of list automatically when Preview has finished, not stay at bottom.

"Recursive Select" only works when folder are opened and is ignored when folders are closed. Should work when folders are closed for quicker and more transparent action.

Thanks for listening.

Kind Regards,


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Post by grigsoft »

Thank you, this is big list, I will copy it to the wish list.
Just about an ability to do preview right from TC - add /scan command line key to do that.

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