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Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2005 9:06 pm
by jerehm
they new version looks great, but i have a few comments.

1. i used to be able to hit the delete key and have the row marked for deletion (SyncIt). this doesn't appear to be the case anymore - now i have to right-click and select delete one row at a time. any chance this will be restored?

2. the backup feature (CompareIt) is a great addition. Will SyncIt get this feature as well?

3. Now that we can automatically backup files that are modified, will there (in the future) be a way to "roll-back" files to their contents at some previsou date? (i.e. give me the files as they were on Feb 12th by scanning through the backup folder and restoring each modified file)

4. i saw some mention of a log file of actions performed. where is this stored and can its location be specified? does it store the user information (name, computer, etc) to indicate *who* did what?

great software - thanks!