7-Zip integration not working

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7-Zip integration not working

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Hi all,

doing the following little comparison between a 7-zip-archive even without subdirectories
containing only one flat file and an empty directory I get an error called
"The system couldn't find the fiven file." and I get an error mark next to the filename.

The weird thing is that the file had been extracted although Synchronize It shows an error.

--- begin ---
@echo off
if not exist c:\test md c:\test
cd /d c:\test
echo d | xcopy c:\autoexec.bat test.txt /Y
call 7z a test.7z test.txt

if not exist h md h
if exist h\* echo j | del h\*
call "c:\programme\synchronizeit\wndsync.exe" /sync /scan c:\test\test.7z c:\test\h
--- end ---

I'm using Synchronize It! Version 3.5.1698 and 7-Zip Version 9.20 on XP Professional.

The 7-zip-options are:

ext=7z gz
list=%p l -r %A
get=%p e -y %A %F
add=%p a -r %A %F
delete=%p d %A %F

I just can't figure out what's wrong with that.

Can you help me please?

Thank you in advance,

Bye Roland

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