contextmenu for recursive actions

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contextmenu for recursive actions

Post by calvini »

Sometimes I come over a directory, that contains many subfolders, but no files. In that case I can't use the recursive actions for the directoy itself, but only for any subfolder separately (which makes it not really usefull).

How about having the possibility to use recursive actions for directories that contain no files? Maybe by checking the horizontal position where the rightclick is done (if that is possible?). So if a directory "C:\users\foo\appdata\locallow\foo" is shown and I rightclick on "locallow", the recursion will work for "C:\users\foo\appdata\locallow" instead of "C:\users\foo\appdata\locallow\foo".

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Re: contextmenu for recursive actions

Post by TonHu »

It would, IMHO, be more useful if the recursion is also applied to directories containing files, but it would of course require an extra context menu entry.
I've been wanting this for some time now, but haven't come to formulating it into words yet.

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