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Compare binary files with HexCmp!

What is HexCmp?

Compare binary files with HexCmp HexCmp is a perfect combination of hex editor and binary files comparison utility.
It will help you to:
  • view and edit binary files up to 2Gb long;
  • quickly search for binary/text patterns in files;
  • see differences between files highlighted with colors;
For more details and free trial version see HexCmp - binary file compare tool

How to get discount coupon for HexCmp?

If you are registered user of
Compare It!, you are entitled to 30% discount when purchasing HexCmp. Just send us a message, specifying your registration name/email, and ask for coupon.
If you already a registered HexCmp user, you can get discount on Compare It! purchase.

To use your coupon, enter it in special coupon field during registration of HexCmp:

How to use HexCmp with Compare It!

You can use Custom tools feature of Compare It! to add shortcut to HexCmp, as shown on picture:
Now whenever you want to see binary comparison of files, currently loaded in Compare It!, just call HexCmp from Tools menu.


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