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What's new in latest versions of Compare It!

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Version 3.85, November 15, 2005
  • Added changes blocks count display in status bar;
  • New DocWrap feature will help you to compare texts with changed lines layout;
  • Selection margin is now optional;
  • Extended file attributes on remote systems are preserved;
  • ManualMatch anchors can be toggled on/off with same key, just as IgnoreDiff marks;
  • Added popup menu for LinesView;
  • Improved multiple monitors support;
  • Autodetect supported file types - xls, doc, pdf, rtf;
  • Size of FileOpen dialog is saved
  • File name is printed on several lines
  • Date was added to HTML reports


Version 3.81, April 15, 2005
  • Fixed several bugs with Lines View;
  • Added support for pdf and mif files.
Version 3.8, March 31, 2005
  • Additional "Lines View" pane to show changes within lines;
  • Font size can be quickly changed by Ctrl + Gray Plus/Minus;
  • Added ability to customize standard converters just as your own;
  • Improved Excel files parsing;
  • Options Import/Export feature added;
  • Optional Drag'n'Drop in editor;
  • Added ability to pad line with blanks during editing.


Version 3.75, December 24, 2004
  • Added option to force Partial matching usage in a whole file;
  • New RegExp filtering rule - Ignore lines non-matching to RegExp;
  • New command line parameters: /r1, /r2, /xls, /doc;
  • New option to disable file selection on start;
  • Added new report type - Composite, similar to that of WinDiff;
  • Underlined font attribute can be used to highlight changes;
  • It is now possible to print just selection or visible page;
  • Added ability to show changes mark - notifying you that there are some inline changes beyond visible line width;
  • Statistics will include same lines count.


Version 3.7, October 11, 2004
  • MS Excel (*.xls) files support;
  • Updated HTML report layout using CSS, see sample;
  • Additional RegExp replace options;
  • Overview bar can be hidden;
  • Specific files types can be shown with fixed font;
  • Fixed/non-fixed font usage can be quickly toggled;
  • Syntax highlighting colors can be changed;
  • Added ability to quickly toggle convertor usage;
See also: full versions history

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