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WinDiff vs. Compare It! : Comparison chart

Files comparison:

Compare It! displays files side-by-side, making it easy to clearly see and understand changes made.
WinDiff displays files in mixed mode, so you can not see true files content.

Compare It! fully supports Unicode and UTF8 files comparison.
WinDiff does not support Unicode files.

Compare It! supports syntax highlighting, simplifying reading comparison results for source code files.
WinDiff does not.

Compare It! gives you full control over comparison, allowing to ignore blanks, case, regular-expressions, new lines and more.
WinDiff can ignore blanks only.

Compare It! highlights changes within lines, so you can easily see what exactly was changed.
WinDiff can not show you this information.

Compare It! can generate HTML report of comparison, which you can store or publish.
WinDiff does not support reporting.

Merging Files:

With Compare It! you can merge files, by copying changes blocks or direct editing within comparison panes.
WinDiff does not support file editing.

Folders comparison:

While Compare It! does not support folders comparison, it comes with Synchronize It!, which is again much more powerful than WinDiff.


Compare It! is very customizable: you can adjust colors, fonts, keyboard, even file filters in Open dialog.
WinDiff is not!

Compare It! gets better with each new version.
WinDiff is not supported any more!


Finally, while WinDiff is free, price for Compare It! + Synchronize It! is only 39$. Think for a moment, how many working hours you will save with all these additional features?

Register now and get your file comparison and merging job done faster and easier!

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