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Synchronize It! Synchronize It!

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  Synchronize It! is a powerful directories synchronization tool. Primary targeted to help in team software development, it will be useful for anyone, who shares documents/programs with friends and colleagues. Do you have to synchronize data between home and office or desktop and notebook computers? With Synchronize It! you can easily see what have changed in your folders and transfer changes with single mouse click. Moreover, Synchronize It! now supports various archive types, so you can use it as powerful backup solution. Although there is a lot of such programs on the market, Synchronize It! has some unique features, listed below.


  • Multilingual interface;
  • Customizable configs, projects, filters, colors - almost everything!
  • Ability to change copy direction or delete files;
  • Internal binary compare option to ensure files are same;
  • Date filter helps to find files you changed recently;
  • Support for user tools for comparison, viewing, archiving;
  • Archives synchronization;
  • Can run from command line options, including unattended mode;
  • Easily integrates in your file manager;
  • Comfortable navigation in file list, including mask selection & search;
  • Color emphasis for different files;
  • Log file support;
  • Drag and Drop support from file list;
  • Does not change your registry, making it's easy to install, move or delete;
  • Multiple users support;
  • Context help;

What's new?:
Version 2.82:
- bug fix release;
Version 2.81:
- bug fix release;
Version 2.8:
- filter to show only same files in list;
- command line switch to select date range;
- option to show and work with empty folders;
- show file sizes in list;
- various bugs fixes;
Version 2.78:
- option to save windows positions;
- Start dialog is resizable;
- silent synchronization is possible from GUI;
Version 2.77:
- option to disable confirmations;
- option to use Recycle Bin for file deletion;
- command to delete all files in folder;
- commands for recursive selection/deletion;
- added editor for excluded folders;
- bug fixes;
Version 2.76:
- Added ability to specify number of ignored hours in time differences;
- bug fixes;
Version 2.75:
- Advanced filters can be saved now;
- maximal log file size can be set;
- Printing of file list;
- "ignore system and hidden files" option;
- "ignore date and time" option - ideal for verifying CD-RW images;
Version 2.72:
- bug fixed with exclude folders in Projects in Configs;
- simplified command line options;
- customizable font;
Version 2.7:
- exclude folders ability;
- options to delete empty folders and show same files
- search filter selection simplified
- minor interface bugs fixed
Version 2.67:
- more advanced search filters;
- ability to clear ReadOnly flag for files from CD;
Version 2.65:
- daylight savings bug fixed;
- more command line options for log file;
Version 2.64:
- Include and exclude filters could be combined;
- command line option for log selection;
Version 2.63:
- CopyTo function improved;
Version 2.62:
- Bug fix release;
Version 2.61:
- Configuration settings are copied to Start Dialog after selecting;
- /x and /new command line options;
- status bar improvements;
Version 2.6:
- new filters;
- personal settings for Configurations;
Version 2.54:
- fixed bug with files without extensions;
Version 2.53:
- support for national characters in file names;
- improved winsin.arc;
- enhanced multilingual;
Version 2.52:
- Config can store Filter name;
Version 2.51:
- CRC usage to compare files in archives;
Version 2.5:
- multilingual interface;
- new archive engine (with preset settings for Arj, Zip and Rar);
- status bar now shows number of found/selected files;
- interface improvements;


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