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Synchronize It! 3
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Do you have to synchronize data between home and office or desktop and notebook computers? With Synchronize It! you can easily see what have changed in your folders and transfer changes with single mouse click.

How it can help you?
Folders comparison
Preview differences found between 2 folders (with subfolders or not), and synchronize your folders using several predefined rules, like Update or Synchronize.
Compare folder with archive
Keeping old project version in backup archive? With Synchronize It! you can easily see what have changed from that time and get some files back if you need it.
Unattended backup/sync
Synchronize It! can be run unattended using command line switches
Synchronize non-connected PCs
Synchronize It! can help you to keep non-connected computers synchronized - do not miss new packages feature.
Reporting and printing Folders comparison results can be published as html report.

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