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What users are saying about our products?

Compare It!:
Compare it! Is one of the finest pieces of technology I have come across in a long time. Price, customer service, support and continued feature releases make purchasing this unit of software a “no brainer”.
Brian Lockwood, Apex SQL Tools.
Compare it is a most righteous program! It's fast, and does the diff job better than anything else I've seen. The moved line and manual anchoring are excellent features. On top of that, the user interface is beautiful, well thought-out, and demonstrates outstanding attention to detail.
Jamie Tremaine.
I cannot compliment you enough on the usefulness of the CompareIt software. I was about to suggest you include a summary report on the changes made when I found that you already had this. The report you produce is much better than I was about to suggest. ... A process that used to take days and gave an output which was extremely difficult to interpret can now be done in a few hours with extremely useful graphical output.
Tom Flynn.
I wanted to say how happy I am with the Synchronize It and File Compare programs you offer. I am very please with their performance and their interface to the user. Bravo for a job well done. These are truly useful programs.
Bruce Wollenberg.
Compare It has just saved me from tearing out my hair over a missing line in some PHP code that I just couldn't see. I spent hours looking for it in Vim, but couldn't see it at all until I tried Compare It - then it was plainly obvious. Thanks for saving my hairline :)
Mark Hale.
After trying Compare It!, I introduced our development group (10 folks) to it. We used it to merge a major revision back to the root. It went so fast and accurate that not only did I get a bunch of slaps on the back but I was named 'Employee of the Quarter'. Thanks for making me a hero!
Marc R. Vilsmeyer.
I searched and searched for a program that does exactly what your Compare-it program does... and does so well. It was an unsuccessful and frustrating search until I found your program. The program is worth far more than the asking price, but cheap enough so I didn't have to give it a second thought. Well done!
Chris Oace.
I wanted to express my thanks. I was faced with a file comparison of over 6000 files. I found your utility on and downloaded it for a try. It worked wonderfully. I have been an advocate of shareware for a long time and appreciate being able to try out an application, determining if it fits my needs and committing to it. I registered it a few minutes ago. For this, THANKS!!!
tommy dorsey.
Compare It! is GREAT!
This morning i was able to found a Bug in a Source, from one of our products within a few minutes. Just compared the (working) older one with the new one. A big thanks to the Developers, Compare It! is easy to use, sophisticated Tool.
Compare it! is fantastic!
I really like the things that make it usable like the overview bar down the left , ability to edit the files and being able to drag and drop files from explorer, makes it so much easier to use. Most programs stop at the raw functionality and leave out the usability which makes them painful to actually use.
Grant Abernethy.
I just wanted to drop you a note and say that your Compare It! program is awesome. It is exactly what I have been looking for in a compare program.
Dan Frisbee.
I downloaded the Compare It! software and after installing and using it I think its the best compare software I've ever used. Several of my co-workers agree with me. Good job.
W. Ali.
I just registered CompareIt. It's great. It has an informative, easy-to-use interface that hides all of the unnecessary details.
Pete Riley.
Just wanted to let you know that we have successfully completed a major Project to compare/merge 265 Baan program script components. This may be a few lines of code in a few places or hundreds of lines spread throughout the script. Fifteen developers and technical analysts completed the Project in less than 10 days, including a 100% code review of the merged code. Without the Compare It! tool this Project would have been impossible within the time frames required and with the people resources available. Thank you again for a fabulous product.
Steve Johnson, Senior Technical Consultant.

Synchronize It!:
Just a note to say that Synchronize It! is just about the best piece of shareware I ever installed. I have been using it for probably a couple of years now to keep my work and home computers synchronised also to synchronise files across my home network and it has worked flawlessly.
Patrick Ayre, Bedford, UK.
I have registered your product. I did this after using it for two days. I have tried several programs that have claimed to do what yours actually does. For my purposes it, very simply, fills my needs. I sync with a desktop/laptop once, sometimes twice per day. It is easy, fast, accurate and, most important to me, organized. Your price is fair in the extreme.
Charles Dixon, Nicholasville, Kentucky USA.
I just want to tell you, that your program Syncronize It is absolutely WONDERFUL! Speedy, reliable, easy to use - it's got it all. I love it.
Rasmus Hartvig.
Downloaded and installed your product. I would like to say it is Great. Within two minutes had what I wanted. I used another program and you have them beat by miles.
T. Crafton.

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