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  1. Q. Can Compare It! do folders comparison?
    A. While Compare It! can not handle folders comparison itself, it comes with Synchronize It!, which is targeted on precise folders synchronization. It also supports archives, sessions and smoothly integrates with Compare It!

  2. Q. Program does not take my license key!
    A. License key and registration name are case sensitive. Please make sure you are entering your name and key exactly as it was given in your registration letter. Copy and Paste is recommended method.

  3. Q. I can not edit files!
    A. Make sure Edit mode is switched on (F9 key), icon on pane title area will display possible reason for file readonly status.

  4. Q. How can I quickly delete line with Compare It!
    A. Use CTRL + Y key.

  5. Q. Why does ESC close the application? I don't want to!
    A. Some people (including me :-) find this feature useful. You can easily disable this by changing keyboard shortcuts.

  6. Q. I'm using Unicode version but still can not display some national characters!
    A. Try to change default font to one supporting your language. Unfortunately not all system fonts are fully Unicode aware.

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